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PDG Cannabis is an Organization that offers a wide range of Executive Protection ,Intelligence capabilities, Private K9 protection services, supplementary services, secure cash transport and security solutions. Based Missouri with locations in California, Florida and servicing clients worldwide, our unique and innovative approach to the task at hand is effective, proven, and respected. 

Client Services

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Your network is what has made your business, now we would like to protect it. We provide tailored Executive Protection Programs that include close protection, secure travel logistics and the related  services needed to ensure client wellbeing, whenever and wherever. 

Why PDG?

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Your  unique business brings unique challenges. With over 80 plus years of combined experience in federal and local law enforcement, Diplomatic Security Services, American, French and Dutch Special Forces, and private security, our teams have successfully protected clients and their assets all over the world. By applying our proven, innovative and unique approach to protecting you and your business, we ensure that you won't fall victim to any of the dangers of the industry. 

Protection Services

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There is no substitute for experience. From Static Protection to k9 Protection our agents will enable you and your business to operate safely and successfully . By enforcing preventive measures we raise the bar of the level of protection. Our service is concise effective and efficient. There is no margin for error .


protection K9 solutions

Anyone can strap on a gun and a badge and provide security but we have another option as well! Our Protection K9 solutions allow you to have a higher tier of of protection for your facility. The K9 naturally has 6 times the senses of a human so imagine what a trained k9 is capable of. We strive to deliver the best product so that you can do the same for your patients, clients and customers. Having a trained protection k9 at your facility with on of our handlers enables you to not only bring a certain level of therapy to your patients, clients and customers but enables you to have unrivaled deterrence and capabilities 

cash logistics.

Cash Transport and Storage

Our integrated solutions for cash transport and storage can help you accelerate deposits; strengthen cash control and reporting; and reduce operating costs, management time, and internal losses; allowing you to get the most out of your operation

Our comprehensive capabilities include change order preparation, order fulfillment, deposit consolidation, ATM cash preparation, and residual processing. PDG Cannabis Change Orders enable simultaneous control of multiple location orders, deliveries, and approvals—all while reducing endpoint and Federal Reserve charges. Each of our cash operations features a balance-and-audit function, bolstering daily processing operations with independent auditing and quality control.

security lighting and Cameras

Security Lighting

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We install and maintain state of the art outdoor and indoor security lighting for your business and residence.  

Security Cameras

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We install and maintain state of the art camera monitoring systems. 

BUSINESS support services

From Realestate procurement, to Human intelligence services, to insurance  we have you covered. 

We work hand in hand with vetted organizations to provide any and all needs of your business    


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